Android – KDE – Problems with Calendars..

I had – for many years – been using a Palm Pilot (later Sony Clie) to sync calendars with JPilot on Linux, and this worked fine, especially after USB support was added, all those years ago..

I now have an Android so-called smart phone, and simply want to sync my calendar with my desktop (KDE 4.9.2)..   This shouldn’t be rocket science, but seems to have been ‘broken’ for some time..

Having come to terms with the fact that sync via Google was the only practical way to do this, I then set up KOrganizer to access my Google account via Akonadi.    Despite ‘akonadi_googlecalendar_resource’ finding all my personal and imported calendars on my Google account, nothing shows up in the diary listing in KOrganizer..   Apparently this is a ‘known problem’ and one is supposed to use CalDav instead.    This would be fine, except that – as far as I can work out – CalDav only picks up my personal diary, and not the others that I have linked to my Google account..

I could probably live with this – as all the calendars show up OK on my phone – but now I seem to be experiencing magical diary event disappearing syndrome in KOrganizer..    Unless I can get to the root cause of this, it means I cannot rely on the KDE desktop calendar – and the event reminders that I rely on to pay the bills on time!..     Very frustrating, and – as I said before – this stuff  is not exactly rocket science!

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