Kernel – 5.12 Final – OK with Patched VMware, and Latest NVIDIA.. — 1 Comment

  1. Since years I do run both VMware Workstation professional and use NVIDIA drivers for the second GPU on my DELL Laptop under openSUSE Tumbleweed – a rolling release. Since the 16.1 releases of VMware Worksation I do not remember to need any patches for it. The ex factory VMware compiles fine with every kernel update. Yesterday I went from 5.11.16 to 5.12.3 (I do not normally attempt the .0, .1, or .2 kernels ._) for other reasons ) with newer NVIDIA supplied openSUSE drivers. (NVIDIA-SMI 460.80 Driver Version: 460.80 CUDA Version: 11.2)
    All went smooth, no patches needed, no glitches.
    Only caveat – I do use the NVIDIA GPU only for computing, not for graphics.

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