Kernel – 5.1-rc1 is out – VMware Fix Available, but NVIDIA Fails. — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve made a patch for the NVIDIA driver, but it should be noted that the system I’ve tested 5.1-rc1 ultimately failed to boot.
    Boot got stuck in the middle of the systemd initialization process. You may want to take care before testing this one out.

    Also I’m sorry if this got double posted, my other browser wasn’t cooperating the first time around.

    Patch, and notes, here:

    • Hi nick, i have tested you patch in kernel 5.1.6 and nvidia (vulkan) driver 418.52.10 and seems “works”

      i quited the world works because i have a strangle behavior

      now the desktop (kde in my case) now have a tearing (the image is split in two in horizontal way) in the midle of the display, is notorious when move any window over the desktop. this can’t captured with any screenshot app, but i can captured with a vid

      is a patch propblem or is a driver error?


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