NVIDIA – New Driver, Supposed to Fix Kernel 4.20 Issues – but Doesn’t? — 4 Comments

  1. The patch works and driver (415.22) seems to install – I get a confirmation – but on booting I get a blank screen. So forget about my original comment above.

  2. I track this page because I use both NVIDIA and VMware.

    I’m running Fedora 28 and everytime I try a 4.19.x kernel, it fails to find the NVIDIA drivers and I have to fall back to kernel 4.18.16.

    The latest NVIDIA driver, 4.15.22, fixed a problem of hanging on power down, so it shuts down properly again but kernel 4.19 still doesn’t find NVIDIA.

    I’m stumped?

    • I got it working, although I think I’m still missing something.

      It turned out that the dkms nvidia driver was not auto building for the new 4.19 kernel. I resolved it by manually invoking it.

      After booting into the 4.19 kernel with “nouveau fallback”, “ls -lh /var/lib/dkms/nvidia/” showed no nvidia directory for kernel 4.19.

      Running “sudo dkms install nvidia/415.22” installed the missing driver for kernel 4.19.

      REBOOT correctly built and Nvidia now works on 4.19

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