NVIDIA – 396.54 Patched for Kernel 4.19-rc1 – OK for Some?

Thanks to Tomas Pruzina for more info on this problem…    I have now tested NVIDIA 396.54 – patched with the changes mentioned in my previous article – and it runs OK on my system (Fedora 28, KDE/Plasma).    I created a patched runtime version of the installer, and then (as root) installed it as usual:

# ./NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-396.54-419.run -s --install-libglvnd --glvnd-glx-client

As mentioned in Tomas’ comments, it has been reported that some systems are showing a ‘black screen’ with this patched-driver/kernel combination, so this may not be a solution for everyone…

Robert Gadsdon   August 29, 2018.

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