Fedora – Easier ‘Fix’ for F28 Wine..

Wine on Fedora 28 is still broken with some windows apps, and to avoid having to individually download and then run RPM on a series of F27 wine rpms, it is possible to use dnf to do the update/replacement with the – working – Fedora 27 versions.

# dnf update *wine* --releasever=27 --allowerasing --best

This only works with dnf update, so if the F28 version is already at the ‘latest’ version, do a # dnf downgrade wine* first, then do the dnf update… as above.     Best – of course – to run this from an empty directory…

Robert Gadsdon.  June 23, 2018


Fedora – Easier ‘Fix’ for F28 Wine.. — 2 Comments

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