Kernel – 4.16-rc1 – OK with VMware 14.1.1, Breaks NVIDIA?..

Kernel 4.16-rc1 is out, and brief details are here:

VMware 14.1.1 is OK, and NVIDIA 384.111 and 390.25 both compile OK, but then fail to load/run:

modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'nvidia': Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)
[ 2142.352238] nvidia: Unknown symbol swiotlb_map_sg_attrs (err 0)

Comparing kernel 4.15.x compiled source tree (OK) with 4.16-rc1 (failed..):

# grep swiotlb_map_sg_attrs *
Module.symvers:0x00000000 swiotlb_map_sg_attrs vmlinux EXPORT_SYMBOL
........ T swiotlb_map_sg_attrs r __ksymtab_swiotlb_map_sg_attrs r __kstrtab_swiotlb_map_sg_attrs

# grep swiotlb_map_sg_attrs *
................ T swiotlb_map_sg_attrs

I tried using a ‘clean’ re-created kernel config for 4.16-rc1, but still got the same result..  More research needed, before this can be confirmed as a ‘defect’….

Robert Gadsdon.  February 11, 2018.




Kernel – 4.16-rc1 – OK with VMware 14.1.1, Breaks NVIDIA?.. — 1 Comment

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