NVIDIA – Two New Drivers, OK with 4.14.12-rc1 and 4.15-rc6.. — 4 Comments

  1. Did not fix my issues (MSI WT73 with NVIDIA Quadro P5000). I have updated my NVIDIA driver to 384.111
    Tried all kernels from 4.14.9 to 4.14.12, but the result is always the same. Cinnamon crushes and MATE fails to see the second display, and X-Server settings look bogus and there is no second screen to be seen compatible with the fact that I am only able to use one display.

    Up to 4.14.8 everything worked great. Too bad.


  2. I’m not so sure 390.12 is stable. Since upgrading I’ve experienced very regular freezes with both the standard 4.14 kernel and the zen 4.14 kernel in Archlinux. It can happen as early as the moment lightdm renders a login prompt, but more often it happens within the first minute after login.

    The only way to avoid it is to be lucky enough for lightdm not to freeze, get to a tty, stop lightdm, and enjoy the terminal. Any attempt to use X will freeze within a minute.

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