IA64 – Hardware Issues Resolved, and Potential ‘Modern’ Distro..

Encountered some frustrating hardware conflicts when adding extra i/o cards to the RX2600, but eventually deduced that the ‘management board’ was causing these, and so disconnected it.

I manage to find a low-cost Adaptec SATA board for PCIX, and also a PCIX-to-PCI-Express converter, which enabled me to add USB3 connectivity, which AFAIK was never available on a PCIX board..   I never managed to get the AGP/PCIX combo to work, and so stayed with the all-PCIX connector board, and managed to get KDE working successfully, using the old Fedora 9 nv driver..

[root@rgia64 ~]# lspci
00:01.0 USB Controller: NEC Corporation USB (rev 41)
00:01.1 USB Controller: NEC Corporation USB (rev 41)
00:01.2 USB Controller: NEC Corporation USB 2.0 (rev 02)
00:02.0 IDE interface: Silicon Image, Inc. SiI 0649 Ultra ATA/100 PCI to ATA Host Controller (rev 02)
00:03.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82557/8/9/0/1 Ethernet Pro 100 (rev 0d)
20:01.0 SCSI storage controller: LSI Logic / Symbios Logic 53c1030 PCI-X Fusion-MPT Dual Ultra320 SCSI (rev 07)
20:01.1 SCSI storage controller: LSI Logic / Symbios Logic 53c1030 PCI-X Fusion-MPT Dual Ultra320 SCSI (rev 07)
20:02.0 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5701 Gigabit Ethernet (rev 15)
40:01.0 PCI bridge: PLX Technology, Inc. PEX 8114 PCI Express-to-PCI/PCI-X Bridge (rev bd)
41:00.0 USB Controller: Renesas Technology Corp. Unknown device 0015 (rev 02)
60:01.0 RAID bus controller: Adaptec AAC-RAID (rev 01)
80:01.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV34GL [Quadro NVS 280 PCI] (rev a1)

I am guessing that the USB3 card (Renesas..) shows up as ‘unknown device’ as Fedora 9’s version of the USB subsystem is not yet capable of recognising it..?

I discovered that Gentoo Linux still had a – relatively – up-to-date IA64 version of their Distro, and more details are here:  https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Handbook:IA64 .   I tried their ‘latest’ boot CD, but it failed to be recognised, and I found a forum post that mentioned that the last ‘working’ version of this was from 2016, but that is something I can work with, as it includes a 4.x kernel, and there is a more recent (December 2017) equivalent of a rootfs fileset (‘stage3…’) available..     I am by no means an expert on Gentoo, having used Red Hat – later Fedora – since 1997(!), so this will be a useful learning exercise.   More on this later…

I also understand that Debian are planning to revive their IA64 project (see comments below my original article – http://rglinuxtech.com/?p=2111 )

Robert Gadsdon December 17, 2017.



IA64 – Hardware Issues Resolved, and Potential ‘Modern’ Distro.. — 1 Comment

  1. Welcome to Gentoo land!
    A land of mysteries and opportunities to solve them!
    By the way, SystemRescueCD is build on Gentoo and they have guide to build your own from “scratch”? so you might want to try to apply that guide to make your own IA64 variant of SystemRescueCD of sorts?

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