Kernel – 4.14-rc8 Released, After All..

Kernel 4.14-rc8 is out, and brief details of changes since -rc7 are here:

This might have been 4.14 ‘final’ but there were still too many changes to warrant that..    Th 4.14 ‘final’ release may be slightly delayed, as it would now clash with the US ‘Thanksgiving’ holiday..

The latest NVIDIA drivers (384.98 and 387.22 beta) both compile and load/run OK, and VMware 14.0.0 – with the vmmon patch – is OK.     On my system, I have had runtime problems (Firefox crashing, etc..) with the NVIDIA 387.xx drivers, so far, and so am still using 384.98.

Robert Gadsdon.  November 6, 2017.


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