Fedora – Fix for Broken Kodi on Fedora 25

More distro-specific than usual posts, but hopefully ‘useful’..

I found that Kodi on Fedora 25 would no longer play M2T/MTS files.    Frustratingly, there was no error shown, or apparent debug clue, but the program just exited without any messages, when playback of one of these file types was selected.

After checking associated libraries and not getting any clues, I did find that the Fedora 26 version played everything OK, despite the fact that the version (17.3-1) was the same as F25.      This was confirmed on four different systems..

I decided to try rebuilding the kodi rpm from source, using the ‘latest’ version, from here:


After sorting out and installing the required …devel.. rpms, the rpmbuild –rebuild on F25 completed OK, and after (force) updating with the resulting set of rpms, everything works OK again..      Slightly annoying to not have the cause of the problem, but at least this fixes it..

Robert Gadsdon.  June 18, 2017.


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