VMware – Patch for Kernel 4.11 Support..

Thanks to Virgo, there are now patches for vmnet and vmmon with Kernel 4.11 (see his comments under the earlier article).    These are incremental patches, for application to VMware 12.5.2 code already patched for Kernel 4.9/4.10 support..

Links are here:   http://pastebin.com/McqmUf0u     and    http://pastebin.com/yjbDHiSX

I have modified these (adding appropriate #if LINUX_VERSION_CODE…… #endif statements) to be backward-compatible with 4.10 and earlier, and applied them to 4.9/4.10-patched VMware 12.5.2, and can confirm that it now compiles and runs on 4.11-rc1..

Robert Gadsdon.   March 6, 2017.


VMware – Patch for Kernel 4.11 Support.. — 7 Comments

  1. Many thanks Robert, I really appreciate your post. Workstation up and running again on my machine.

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