NVIDIA – New 410 Patch – With Hotplug Support.. — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Emanuele,

    I did the following steps:
    1.) extract the driver : ./ -x
    2.) Download the patch as kernel_4.10.patch in same directory where I extracted the driver
    3.) cd ./ -x
    4.) patch -p1 < ../kernel_4.10.patch
    5.) run the installer: ./nvidia-installer

    after a reboot I was back in the game. Thank you all for the patch.

    The trick was the parameter -p1, take a look to the man page for more info.

    Best regards,

    • Sorry
      3.) cd ./ -x
      should have been
      3.) cd NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-378.13/

      but I think you figured that out by yourself already.

  2. Hi

    I run Fedora 25 with kernel 4.10

    I try to follow your instructions but when i apply the command :
    patch -p1 < ../kernel_4.10.patch

    i have this message :
    filip@fedora:~/Temp/nvidia$ ls
    filip@fedora:~/Temp/nvidia$ patch -p1 < ../kernel_4.10.patch
    bash: ../kernel_4.10.patch: No such file or directory

    What's wrong ?

    • This might have been fixed already, but I’ll leave a note for other potential victims.

      patch -p1 < ../kernel_4.10.patch

      should be

      patch -p1 < ./kernel_4.10.patch

      with a single dot.

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