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Just took delivery of a Qualcomm Dragonboard 410c ( :

Dragonboard 410c

Dragonboard 410c

The unit is based on a ‘standard’ (96Boards) design, with a few quirks..   The device uses fastboot rather than U-Boot, and in this respect is more like flashing a custom ROM on a cellphone!    It even has on-board volume up/down buttons..

There is no Ethernet built-in, so I will be attaching a USB/Ethernet dongle..   A UART connection is on the board, but it is 1.8v instead of the more common 3.3v.   There is a 1.8v USB/UART connector available from another supplier, and I have one on order, along with a 12v DC power supply….

Android is pre-installed, but I will – of course – be installing Linux..    There is a Ubuntu boot/install image available, and I will be replacing the root filesystem etc. with a Fedora 22 one, and then recompiling my own Kernel, as usual..    This process will be similar to the time I booted the Odroid U3 for the first time..

There are ‘official’ Fedora 22 aarch64 install images available, but these appear to be for EFI boot, for servers.    I did manage to find a raw disk image, including a root fs, at:

I will post more details when I have all the parts, and get the system up and running..

Robert Gadsdon.   June 25, 2015.

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