Kernel 3.18-rc2 – Best to Wait for -rc3? — 3 Comments

  1. 3.18-rc2:

    get similar experiences: see bugzilla 87001

    3.18-rc2-vivid: improves the situation, in particular for lubuntu-14.10 as VM under VB. But not yet satisfactorily in general. Boots up beyond the login screen, but no WIFI among other problems…

  2. still 3.18-rc2-vivid:

    it is completely weird: the above – mentioned kernel does not boot satifactorily in my dell e6500, but boots well in my old dell D505 (which is now 10 years old); both under lubuntu-14.10.

    I’m almost sure that the problem is due to the /boot/initrd.img which is created upon kernel installation.

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