Kernel 3.18-rc1 – VMware OK, NVIDIA Not.. — 3 Comments

  1. > VMware 10.0.3 (with the vmnet patch..) installs and runs OK

    Certainly. But, Once quit from VMware, and restart it, /dev/vmmon disappeared(On VMware 10.0.3, the guest never starts.

    • I ran VMware (10.0.3, with the vmnet patch) on my test system (Kernel 3.18-rc1, Fedora 21, x86_64, 4GB memory) and it was OK. I have tried starting/stopping it several times, and it still worked..


  2. Oh, do you!

    I ran on openSUSE 12.3, x86_64(AMD Opteron x2 ), 8GB RAM.
    What’s the matter, I wonder……..


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