VMware Linux Guest – Shared Folders Finally Fixed..

The release notes for VMware 10.0.2 suggested that the hgfs problem with shared folders with a Linux ‘guest’ had been fixed, and I have tested this with Kernel 3.14 – and it (finally!) works again..

Upgrader: To VMX: tools.capability.hgfs_server tools-upgrader 0
Rpci: Sending request='tools.capability.hgfs_server tools-upgrader 0'
Rpci: Sent request='tools.capability.hgfs_server tools-upgrader 0', reply='', len=0, status=1
Unregistering callback 'f'
HgfsChannelGuest_Exit: app tools-upgrader rpc = 0 rpc cb = 0 chn = 6A9DC0.
HgfsChannelExitServer: Teardown Hgfs server.
HgfsChannelExitChannel: Exit channel returns.
# ls /mnt/hgfs
data8  rgadsdon

Robert Gadsdon.   April 21, 2014.

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