ARM – Odroid U3 kernel to 3.13… – and Back Again! — 2 Comments

  1. Hi,

    Great! I’m trying to compile this kernel to use in a project.
    The 3.18 has some USB related issues.
    Could you give more details or the build script?


    • I have been sorting out the ‘ubuntu/debian proprietary’ bits left in the hardkernel kernel tree, but have finally managed to get rid of them – and re-edit the top-level Makefile to remove references etc.. I did (partially) manage to get USB connections to work, but not consistently/reliably.. I’ve been trying the alpha-quality 3.14-rc4 builds from another site, but can’t get USB device connections (even keyboard/mouse) to work at all.. I’ll publish something once I manage to get this worked out, but have no idea how long that might take..

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