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  1. Hi, I’m looking for a kernel above 3.5 because I’d like to run a DVB-USB stick on my Raspberry. Could provid an download of your kernel 3.6.x?
    Thank you

    • No need for a binary download, create your own. I build RP kernels on a PC with these instructions: . It works well and completes the build in about 20 minutes (on a dual-core 2GHz PC) instead of 6 hours on a RP. You may prefer to bcmrpi_defconfig instead of bcmrpi_cutdown_defconfig.

      The kernel in the September RP SD card download supports almost all DVB-USB devices without needing rebuilding but the USB bus problems seem to stop them from working useably. If yours aren’t working it is more likely to be the lack of the right firmware, check out for advice.

  2. How did you get past the patching errors when updating from 3.6.1? I had loads and just held down ‘return’. The kernel still built and boots but shows up as “Linux raspberrypi 3.6.1 #2 PREEMPT Sun Oct 28 23:07:34 GMT 2012 armv6l GNU/Linux” with uname -a.

    My own reason for running a recent kernel is for the drivers for the DM04 DVB-S satellite USB receiver, it works well with the RP 3.6.1+ github branch except it glitches occasionally on reception which doesn’t happen when it is connected to a dual core PC. USB seems problematic on the RP as audio devices also glitch frequently, I was hoping that more recent kernels would solve this but so far not, any ideas?

    • You shouldn’t get any errors when applying the two incremental patches. First apply the 3.6.1-to-3.6.2 patch, and then the 3.6.2-to-3.6.3 patch.
      I had given up on the USB problems with my original Pi, after all the ‘advice’ on the forum just didn’t work for me, and have just got one of the ‘new’ ones, which I hope is better.. I haven’t had time to test it, yet..

      • That’s what I expected – the source was that from the github rpi-3.6.y branch, but still lots of patching errors. I read your patch names of patch-3.6.1-2 and patch-3.6.2-3 as referring to the patches named patch-3.6.2 and patch-3.6.3.

      • Thanks. I’m now up to 3.6.4 with no patching errors. The only problems I have are that omxplayer only seems to work with the stock kernel, and accessing the built in audio device causes the kernel to panic.

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