Kernel – 5.4-rc1 Released – Odd Quirks with Kernel Symbols — 5 Comments

  1. Patch for 5.4 build tested only
    Format of Module.symvers has changed adding extra tab and namespace the symbol is in if any. [1]
    Per file build flags now must include the path to the file instead of just the filename. [2]
    DRIVER_PRIME flag is dropped as redundant. [3]
    [1] Is also the cause of the warnings you highlighted.


  2. The vmmon warnings are malformed in a strange way, as if something preserved the beginning and the end bug cut out the middle to limit line length… are you using some wrapper that could do this? In any case, the symbols reported should not be in any symbol namespace – and I doubt there would be symbol namespace “mutex_lock_interruptible” so there is something seriously wrong but I have no idea what could cause these warnings (and I don’t see them in my builds).

    • Interesting. I wonder why I never hit this issue, neither when building against a mainline snapshot with just “make modules_prepare” (including v5.4-rc1), neither against a full set of RPM packages. But now I get these warnings with 5.4-rc1 packages… Thanks for the information.

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