VMware – Version 15.5 is Out – Compiles with Kernel 5.3.. — 2 Comments

  1. I’m not an expert on this but AFAICS the problem is caused by Workstation 15.5 makefile trying to guess suitable retpoline related compiler options which results in modules compiled with different options than the kernel they are built against. IMHO it’s more appropriate to use compiler options kernel was built with; in any case, commenting out or deleting those two lines (one in each makefile) is sufficient to get rid of these warnings.

    There is still the old warning about unprotected indirect call (and tons of others) but VMware doesn’t seem to bother about compiler warnings, neither innocuous nor actually relevant ones. 🙁

    For the record, this (host modules building without patching) won’t last long, there is going to be (at least) one build breakage with 5.4-rc1. 🙂

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