Kernel – 5.14 is Out. OK with Latest NVIDIA, and Patched VMware. (and… Happy Birthday) — 6 Comments

  1. I find that NVIDIA-470.63.01 driver does’t compatiable with official kernel-5.14,all seems good,But my ubuntu-21.04 freezing in startup screen,while kernel-5.14.0rc7 booted normally.

  2. The official version of kernel-5.14 seems to be incompatible with the nvidia-470.63.01 driver (at least under ubuntu 21.04). Phenomenon: The driver kernel is compiled correctly, but it freezes on the splash screen after starting the operating system from the this kernel.

  3. The Ubuntu mainline kernel builds have become incompatible with the nvidia drivers, but it doesn’t have anything to do with 5.14. It’s because they turned on the Undefined Behaviour Sanitizer in the build, and even if that’s not on at runtime, it seems to break the driver when built with that option on. You can build your own kernel with it off and things will work. Or, and I don’t know the incantation, if you build the module without the option, it can still work with the kernel where it’s on.

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