Kernel – 5.13-rc1 – OK with patched VMware, Breaks NVIDIA.. — 4 Comments

  1. > VMware 16.1.1 (patched..) compiles and loads OK

    Where is the patch?

    I got vmware to compile on linux-5.13-rc1, loaded, started vmware Windows 10, but it freezed everying including the linux host!

    May be I’m doing something wrong, but works fine on 5.12.4


    • Patch location is in an earlier article: The patch for 16.1.1 is there, in another tree, but seems the same as the 16.1.0 version.. 16.1.1 seems to run OK on most systems, but I had to revert to 16.1.0 on another, although there is no obvious error shown, just occasionally ‘freezing’ guest (win10)..

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