ARM – Odroid U3 Kernel Compilation.. — 6 Comments

    • Yes, you could, but I found it easier to just put the commands directly into UBoot once, and then save them ( saveenv )..


  1. To boot kernel 3.19 or 4.x series on Odroid, is required a custom compile of uboot (from uboot git), or we can use the official release?

    • I used the custom UBoot from: because I needed support for the cooling fan, which not all U3s have.. I had done this before I upgraded to 3.19, so am not sure whether the standard Hardernel UBoot would have supported device tree etc..

      If you use the custom UBoot, you will need to read the odroid-specific instructions in the ../doc directory, as you need to copy a binary file from the ‘official’ Hardkernel UBoot tree..


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