ARM – The Secret is Out – ‘Pidora 2014’ is Here.. — 2 Comments

  1. Yes I also contacted Mace a few weeks ago and followed his method. I had to dispose of some gnome and NetworkManager packages amongst others to get a clean transition from Pidora 18 to Pidora 20. The repo size is impressive and the release just has the best hardware support now.

    I make rpms for the Amateur radio community, and it has been very successful, giving the Rpi with Pidora 20 the apparent reliability of a BBB in comparison.
    Many have used my Pidora 20 image to develop for other purposes, as no image was/is available in general apart from making your own in a koji release update, which is quite a task, i.e.. time consuming.

    Adrian … vk4tux

  2. rpm -ivh –nodeps –force.. ? < does that work ?

    I use

    rpm -Uvh –nodeps –force

    when needed, I did not have to do that with the Pidora 20 release update starting from pc18.

    Adrian … vk4tux

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