3.10-rc3 – NVIDIA Patches OK, Still Missing VMware vmblock Patch.. — 5 Comments

  1. Also confirmed working using that .diff against the 319.23 and 3.10-r3. I left notes on the nvidia page about pointing it toward the right files by hand…probably the wrong way to do it, since the .run seems to expect more details about the patched files (stripping something?), but it worked. My gt 630 and ssd are both happy, running the latest sw (bcache and the 319.23 vdpau additions). Thanks!!

    • Glad to help..

      When I update the kernel, I just (re)compile the NVIDIA kernel module, by ‘extracting’ the file:
      # ./ -x
      and then cd to the NVIDIA kernel module directory:
      # cd NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-319.23/kernel
      and then (as root)
      # make clean
      # make install

      I only need to re-execute when userland Mesa / GL / GLU files are updated..

      Best regards,


  2. Thanks RG. I might try that ../kernel install method….the patched drivers run X but xbmc crashes on playback. Opengl problem? Dunno…

    • I have found that XBMC has often been a problem, on various versions… Sometimes just crashing on file search, before playback.. Very frustrating, as it works very well – when it works! I keep trying the vdpau driver, and then changing back.. Maybe they will get it ‘playing nicely’, some day..


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