Kernel 3.8.6 – x86_64 and ARM (Pi) — 3 Comments

  1. Are the pre-built kernel rpms posted anywhere, or do Fedora kernel build instructions exist somewhere?

  2. Just to be clear, the above question is in regards to the Raspberry Pi; I’m already familiar with x86/x86_64 kernel locations and build process.

    • I did post some info on building the Pi (or any ARM) kernel, some time ago, at You will have to install the ARM cross-compile toolchain, and I believe there are a set of (old?) Fedora RPMs for this, in the ‘fedora-cross’ repository.. I actually use the ARM cross-compile toolchain from the OpenELEC Pi build, copied across..
      There are other ways to do this, and details can be found elsewhere..
      I don’t know of any specific RPMs..

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