3.8-rc5 Already – Works with Patched / Softlinked VMware, and ‘Old’ NVIDIA.. — 7 Comments

  1. I thank you man 🙂

    Works with 3.8-rc6 too but… I encounter really slow Workstation 9.0.1 (i7 990@4.32GHz 😉 )

    Is it the case for you ? Have you some kind of miracle stuff to make it run as usual ?

    Thanks !

  2. [quote]For NVIDIA, use the ‘old’ driver 310.14, as the newer 3.7-compatible drivers still won’t compile with 3.8.[/quote]

    This is not true. I just compiled 310.32 with 3.8.0-rc4

    • – But it _was_ true when this (old) post was written, and 310.32 did not exist!
      You should read my newer post, which confirms that 310.32 works with 3.8-rc6..

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