VMware – Kernel 5.8 is a Serious Problem? — 2 Comments

  1. “I am now reading up on KVM etc, just in case…!”

    That is exactly what I have been doing the last few days.

  2. After upgrading Arch and finding kernel 5.8 running, any attempt to run existing or create new vms in VB 5.2 caused the entire system to hang, and hard. So I uninstalled VB and installed VB 6.x and this worked on my X240 but not my Optiplex. VB manager wouldn’t start, complaining about missing kernel modules. I rebooted after every change. Even tried pacman -U on kernel 5.8 to get back to the earlier kernel version
    which didn’t change the missing modules issue. So I guess I get to learn KVM & libvirt again to run Windows 10 on my Arch desktop. Amazing that Arch maintainers didn’t send out an email alert on this one…

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