Kernel – 5.2-rc1 Released – Mostly Harmless.. — 2 Comments

  1. As I said previously, the change was intentional so you cannot expect it to be reverted unless you (or someone else) convince upstream it was wrong. But, honestly, the new behaviour does IMHO better suite the “save as” logic; the old behaviour (which you expect) is usually called “save a copy”.

    • The ‘save as’ should be able to save a copy back to out-of-tree locations, as it used to about ten years ago(!) but I would expect ‘save’ to always save to the in-tree .config, as previously.
      I have already commented to this effect on the LKML, but to no avail. In its modified form, this is now just a ‘configuration file editor’, rather than an integral part of the kernel config workflow..

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