IA64 – An Exercise in Nostalgia.. — 4 Comments

  1. A few of us have been working to restart modern Debian support for ia64, and there has been some good Gentoo ia64 work recently as well. Feel free to come chat on IRC on #debian-ports on

    • @Adrian and @Jason. I had only recently discovered the Gentoo IA64 work, which looks promising, but seems to be suffering from the usual catch-22, that there are so few able to properly test anything..
      Good to know that Debian are planning to restart efforts, as well!

      • There’s a #gentoo-ia64 channel as well. They’ve done a good job of hammering out some ugly obscure bits so far. If you find something broken, let both Gentoo and Debian know.


  2. We’re working on resurrecting Debian on ia64. Come and join us on IRC in #debian-ports on OFTC if you’re interested.

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