VMware – Potential Fix for W/S 14 Performance/Memory Issues.. — 6 Comments

  1. I want to thank you once again for your blog RG. Keep posting it’s very important for us. If you need anything I’m here to help.


  2. Hi.

    Are you aware of the vmmon compile issue now plaguing VMW 14 and Kernel 4.13.*
    Seems similar to to what occurred on version 12 but the fixes for that do not seem to apply on 14.


    • The ‘vanilla’ WS 14.0.0 version of vmmon compiles OK on all versions of Kernel 4.13 on my systems, but I only ever use the standard kernel, and there might be issues with some distro versions?..

      • Hi RG,

        Thanks for feeding back. I subsequently found my Linux-Headers were out of date to my Kernel, even though I am running regular updates weekly with the rolling distro I am on. I dug deeper and found this was not happening, I then forced a reinstall of the current linux-headers. This resolved the two things, the vmmon/vmnet compile on a kernel update and the successful processing of this patch, which itself failed previously.

        I can confirm with Kernel/Headers version (4.13.10-30.current) and VMware-Workstation-Full-14.0.0-6661328.x86_64 does indeed work as normal.

  3. This memory accounting patch is also needed if you want to run VMW 12.5.7 with kernel 4.13. Without that patch I’ve seen memory allocation problems when trying to update a Windows 10 guest to the 1709 version of windows 10.

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