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    • That is the problem.. A lot of C2 patches seem to have got ‘lost’.. I found u-boot patches for mmc support back in summer 2016, but they were never merged..
      I don’t have any means of testing IPv6 (yet..).

    • According to the source, it should boot from an SDcard, but I don’t have one to test. I am using the standard Fedora aarch64 cross-compiler.


  1. Hi,

    could you please explain what steps you did to get a working and signed version of u-boot.
    This would be great!

    Thanks and regards

    • The instructions can be found in ~/u-boot/board/amlogic/odroid-c2/README..
      Kernel 4.10.x works OK, with Ethernet stable, now, but USB – at least on my system – is still unreliable..

      • Thanks! u-boot is running – but – now i’m stuck with the kernel. The Image (3.14.79+) already installed on the mmc won’t bootup with the new u-boot.

        U-Boot 2017.01-rc3-g4297961 (Mar 22 2017 – 12:31:57 +0100) odroid-c2

        DRAM: 2 GiB
        MMC: meson_mmc: 0, meson_mmc: 1
        In: serial@4c0
        Out: serial@4c0
        Err: serial@4c0
        Net: eth0: ethernet@c9410000
        => booti
        Bad Linux ARM64 Image magic!

        Do you have an instruction set how to setup a new Image and initrd based on 4.10.4? I don’t know how to get rid off this “bad image magic”.

        Your config provided here is not up to date anymore. There are more config settings to be done. E.g.
        ARM_DMA_IOMMU_ALIGNMENT, Kernel compression mode, …
        Do you have an update for this?

        Thanks and regards

  2. Strangely, with this u-boot version MAC address is nor randomized (running 2 boards is getting a bit problematic)

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