ARM64 – Hikey to Kernel 4.7 – and Polkitd Fix.. — 4 Comments

  1. Could you test ODROID C2? The DTS was merged for 4.7 and it could get official support in Fedora 25 (if all pieces and bits are in).

    • The C2 ‘mainline’ kernel is still missing vital components – such as MMC support – and these have not made it into the released 4.7 kernel.. I have noticed that a patch has recently been submitted for ‘meson-gxbb – add MMC support’ but I have not had an opportunity to test this on the C2, yet.. U-Boot has had MMC/eMMC support for some time..
      So far, all the released Fedora aarch64 versions have been for ‘server’ support, with uEFI, which means that the standard Anaconda install script will fail on a non-uEFI ‘workstation’ system..

    • The standard Fedora 24 install images seem to all be for uEFI-based servers, and the Anaconda install fails if this is not detected..
      I did find some rootfs disk image F24 aarch64 sources here: They are all – for some reason – in XFS format..
      I had installed an F22 rootfs disk image on the Hikey SDcard some time ago, and just used dnf to upgrade each time (currently on F24..)


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