ARM64 – Odroid C2 – U-Boot MMC Support.. — 5 Comments

    • No. Only as far as the rootfs load, as the kernel does not yet include C2 mmc support.. Same as for the example using tftp, before..

      Waiting for root device /dev/mmcblk0p1…


  1. Hi Robert,
    how do I get this part of boot process? Do I need a tftp-server? I’ve didn’t find a Fedora aarch64 image to “dd” it to SD-card. Does it work with the 4.7.0 Kernel?

    • Works from SDcard (and eMMC module) now, with all the patches.. U-Boot is OK, but the Linux kernel does not support the Meson MMC yet, so not possible to boot all the way.. You could do this by loading the rootfs by NFS, if you really wanted to.. ‘Full’ mainline kernel support might be later in the 4.7-rc cycle, or maybe not until 4.8..
      Info, and link to repo and images, here:
      The rootfs image (contained inside install.img – squashfs format) is for a ‘server’ version, but the repo includes workstation stuff..
      I use gnome-disk-utility to mount the image file (click on top left button for menu..)..


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