ARM – Update to 4.0 for DreamPlug, CuBox, and Odroid.. — 14 Comments

  1. Hi,
    I wanted to update my odroid U3 to kernel 4.0 but get compiler errors when using the patched sources from your link. Can you please send me your .config? Thanks!

    Best regards

  2. In general it helps a lot when you provide information where exactly the compile error happens and which error occurs.

    – Tobias

  3. I just updated my Dreamplugs U-Boot to version 2015.04.
    It is running without any problems,
    kernel 4.0.0.

    • Thanks. This is useful info.! I was too worried about my JTAG recovery not working, so I just used a known/good older version..


  4. Hi,
    I followed your arm compile instructions for kernel v4.0 using tobias’ kernel tree but unfortunately I cannot get it to boot properly :/
    The blue led does not start flashing but stays in a bright mode – hdmi output does not seem to get initialized.

    Using the same instructions on odroid-3.19.y I get an image that seems to boot (I see the 4 linux penguins on the screen and it reacts to ctrl-alt-del for a reboot) – but unfortunately the screen stays dark.

    Unfortunately I do not have the uart adapter at the moment. (left it at work :/ )

    Can you also perhaps post your u-boot environment ? (also maybe your u-boot version)

    Can you perhaps send me your zImage & dtb & config (via mail or something)?


  5. Would be nice to have a link to download and test your build of U3’s kernel.
    If i can find some spare time i’ll try to compile by myself (so i can test zram with lz4 compression)

    • i don’t have X2 and for some reason still can’t boot a newer kernel on my U3 (no matter which instructions i try to follow) … so i’m just wondering: setenv uimg_addr “0x40007000” ? not “0x40008000” ?

  6. Hi! I see you’re running Fedora 21 on an Odroid U3. I’d like to do the same. I have searched for hours on the net, but I can’t find a one page Howto on how to take a stock U3 and get Fedora 21 working on it. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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