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  1. Hi Robert,

    I’m desperatley trying to update the kernel of my Dreamplug, I’m currently stuck at 3.11.1. The best try I had was
    after repeating the steps you described here. But it wasn’t fully successful. The kernel started, detected all usb media,
    obviously mounted the root filesystem but stopped then. It didn’t start ‘init’.
    My differences were: Kernel source 4.0.0-rc4 and u-boot Version 14.10 or 12.04; didn’t try 13.10 yet.

    Would you be so kind and provide me your working .config-File in case I missed some needed settings?

    Kind regards,

    • just a me too. I did not update u-boot and kept the 2011-Version that was originally installed. I built a kernel, appended the fdt and I am seeing two symptoms:
      a) sometimes the kernel will start showing debug output (kernel 4.1.1 stable from
      b) sometimes it boots I can see output from printk but then it stops without executing init.

      looking to up update u-boot now to get more stability into (a)

  2. I changed one command to

    make LOADADDR=0x00008000 uImage

    because the kernel reported: “Ignoring memory range 0x0 – 0x8000000”
    which resulted in 128 MB RAM missing. Now ‘free’ reports 499 MB total memory.

    • Thanks for that info.. I changed to #make LOADADDR=000008000 uImage and now # free reports total memory as 512648.

      I will issue a correction!


    • I used the information from here as a guide , but was _very_ wary of doing this, as I had never managed to get the jtag/usb/recovery process to work, so had no fallback if I created a ‘brick’!
      At that time, I deliberately used the same version of U-Boot as mentioned in the article, but have seen reports that suggest the ‘latest’ stable version should work as well..


  3. I found that indeed a new u-boot is necessary to run kernels newer than somewhere between 3.8.8 and 4.0. Even with appended device tree, u-boot 2011.10 which was preinstalled on my dreamplug behaves inconsistently and sometimes boots these kernels and sometimes it does not. I thought this was due to my kernel configuration but the issue was resolved by flashing 2013.7. The instructions on worked for me and I now have a 4.1 kernel running on the box.

    It took me a week to muster the courage to do it because I could not reproduce the recovery-steps with my jtag-unit either but everything went well.
    Thank you for these hints!

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