Kernel 3.8.1 – and 3.7.10 is EOL..

Recently updated my main system to 3.8.1, without any fuss..   As before, the (patched) VMware 9.01 works fine, and the latest NVIDIA ‘stable’ driver 310.32 compiles OK, too..    Don’t forget to include the obligatory softlink, before compiling VMware! ln -s … Continue reading

Pi to 3.8.1 – Incrementally, as usual..

Just updated the Raspberry Pi from (hacked!)3.8.0 to 3.8.1, by applying the 3.8.0-1 patch at Note that this first incremental patch is in the ‘main’ kernel directory.   Only the subsequent ones (3.8.1-2, etc..) will be in the /incr subdirectory.. … Continue reading