VMware 9.0.2 – Patches for 3.12..

Thanks to dominator008, this is a link to information and patches for VMware 9.0.2 with Kernel 3.12.: http://dominator008.com/constructionyard/2013/10/03/vmware-9-0-2-vmblock-patch-for-linux-kernel-3-12/ As I have already updated to VMware 10.0, I have not been able to test these myself, but as you will see, … Continue reading

VMware 9.0.2 – No More Patch, or Softlink..

Just installed VMware Workstation 9.0.2 – released yesterday – and it compiles and installs cleanly on kernel 3.8.2, without the need for the 9.0.1 patch, or the ‘softlink’, as it now finds version.h correctly. I have tested with kernel 3.9-rc1, … Continue reading