Kernel – 4.6-rc6 – Still OK with (Patched) VMware and NVIDIA..

Kernel 4.6-rc6 has been released, and details of changes since -rc5 are here: It seems that there will be (at least..) an rc7, before ‘Final’.. Tested with patched VMware 12.1.0 (vmnet and vmmon) and patched NVIDIA (364.19) and both … Continue reading

Kernel – 4.6-rc5 – OK with (Patched) VMware, and (Patched) NVIDIA..

Kernel 4.6-rc5 is out, and brief details of changes from -rc4 are here: Kernel 4.6 seems to have a habit of continuing later-rc breakages with VMware and NVIDIA, compared to previous kernel releases.. The VMware 12 fix for 4.6-rc4 … Continue reading