NVIDIA – Latest Driver – Still Fails with Kernel 4.7..

Kernel 4.7-rc7 is out, and 4.7 Final should be next, but the latest NVIDIA driver released – 367.35 – still fails to compile with 4.7-rc7..     The patch for 367.xx still works OK…  Details here:  http://rglinuxtech.com/?p=1750 In case you need to … Continue reading

ARM – Rock2 – Kernel 4.6-rc4 – MMC Swaparound – Bug or Feature?

I had been running Kernel 4.6-rc2 on the Radxa Rock2 without any issues, and decided to update to recently-released Kernel 4.6-rc4.. Brief details of changes from -rc3 are here:  http://lkml.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/1604.2/00610.html The boot failed, and I then compiled/installed 4.6-rc3 to see … Continue reading

VMware – Now a Patch for Kernel 4.3

Thanks to info from zezaocapoeira, there is a patch – from efferre79 – for VMware vmmon to fix the compile problem with kernel 4.3.. https://github.com/efferre79/vmware/blob/master/app-emulation/vmware-modules/files/308-4.03-00-misc_deregister.patch I have tested the vmmon part of this with Workstation 12 and Kernel 4.3-rc5, and … Continue reading

NVIDIA – Patch for Kernel 4.3-rc1 Compile Error..

Thanks to juston_li on the NVIDIA forums, there is now a patch to fix the compile error with Kernel 4.3-rc1. Details – and the patch – can be found here:   https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/877365/linux/355-11-linux-4-3-rc1-build-error/ I have applied this, and the NVIDIA driver now … Continue reading

ARM – Pi2 to U-Boot..

I decided to try U-Boot on the Raspberry Pi 2, and the process has been fairly well documented in several places.. I used the latest U-Boot, with ‘patch’ info from here, as I needed Device Tree support:  https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=108217. Actual ‘installation’ … Continue reading

ARM – CuBox-i4Pro and DreamPlug to 4.0-rc2..

Updated the CuBox-i4Pro and DreamPlug to Kernel 4.0-rc2..   No problems with the DreamPlug, and the CuBox just needed the same small patch as for -rc1.. http://rglinuxtech.com/?p=1338 CuBox-i4Pro: Fedora release 22 (Twenty Two) Kernel 4.0.0-rc2 on an armv7l (ttymxc0) ……………. ]# … Continue reading

More Fun with Audacity…

This article relates to compilation on the latest Fedora (21) but can also apply to other Distros… The Distro-supplied version of Audacity is typically functionality-challenged, and does not allow working with some of the more up-to-date audio formats, due to … Continue reading

VMware: Linux ‘Guest’ Fix for Kernel 3.15..

After further testing, I found that the hgfs ‘shared folders’ function in VMware 10.0.2, which worked fine for Kernel 3.14, did not work for Kernel 3.15… I tried to find a patch, and eventually created a (fairly unsophisticated!) one for … Continue reading

NVIDIA – New Driver – Kernel 3.13 Fail..

NVIDIA have just released driver 334.16, but – despite the fact that Kernel 3.13 has been released for some time now – the driver still fails to load correctly, with the same ”Unknown symbol acpi_os_wait_events_complete (err 0)” error.. So, the … Continue reading

NVIDIA – Possible Kernel 3.14 Patch..

There is an article on DevZone that includes a possible Kernel 3.14 patch, from s_molgaard, for driver 331.38:  https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/683534/linux/331-38-on-3-14-rc1-kernel/ The patch format is – apparently – for kernel boot-time patching using dkms, which I don’t use..   So..  I just manually … Continue reading